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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ten Ways I Plan to Stay Inspired in 2016 - Pt. 1

1.  Stay crystal clear about my calling from God.   
As a 17-year-old, I heard the voice of God affirming my call into the ministry.  Now, 47 years later, there is still a certainty in my spirit that I am doing what God called me to do.  Furthermore, I have a peace that I am serving in the place where He wants me.  No doubts and no questions help me stay inspired.

2.  Make sure that I am leveraging the spiritual gifts that God has given me.

Time has proven that God has equipped me to lead, usually in places that need to be revitalized.  He also has gifted me as a motivational speaker and as an evangelist.  Regularly using these gifts helps me stay inspired.
3     3.  Make sure that the players on my team are inspiring people.

        I look for teammates who bring a positive emotional jolt every time that they walk into a room.    Their energy and enthusiasm encourages me.

4.  Make sure I read inspirational books.

Biographies of people who have overcome adversity and persevered are especially helpful.  The most recent biography I read was Rebel Yell.  It tells the story of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.  Through reading, it was almost as if I were there.

5.  Make it a point to rub shoulders with exceptional, inspirational people.

We have all heard of VIPs--Very Important People
                                      VNPs--Very Nice People
                                       VDPs--Very Draining People
I look for EIPs--Exceptionally Inspiring People.  And I can rub shoulders in person through a CD or DVD or through a book!

To be continued...

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