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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

December 2013

Dear Friend,

The year 2013 has proven to be a one of change for the Eastern New York/New England team, as well as for the James family.  If you have a couple of minutes I’d like to share some of them with you. 

In August, Susan and I closed on a home in Ballston Spa, NY.  This is a quaint village 25 miles south of Queensbury, where we have lived for the past five years.  The district parsonage and office have been turned into a vacation rental/corporate retreat center called The Retreat at West Mountain.  Located in the heart of vacation country, the property is centrally located to Lake George and Saratoga Springs.

Moving the district office to our Corinth church, outfitting the retreat center and remodeling our ninety-year old home has kept us very busy this fall.  However, we thrive on projects and are excited about this new chapter in our lives.

Susan is busy writing a book.  The first draft is complete.  She is in the middle of the re-write phase now. Reliving parts of her traumatic youth have proved to be more painful than she anticipated, but she is confident that God will use this story to help others.

Paul still enjoys coaching and consulting with his pastors and churches.  Twenty-four of our churches have now completed the consultation process that we call DTP (District Transformation Project).  Doors have opened for him to share what we have learned with other districts.  He is thrilled with the miracles that are happening in churches where the revitalization weekends are taking place.  Making disciples for Jesus remains his passion.

David surprised us in February by announcing that Dana Wagner had become Mrs. David James.  David and Dana live in Overland Park, Kansas.  He is still involved in computer work and greatly involved in the lives of Peytan (9) and Kyler (6).

Beth and Pete are in the process of relocating to the Raleigh, NC area.  Pete will be managing an office for Jenkins Restoration.  Beth has many interests and friends, but is most active in interior decorating.  This is a hobby that has turned into a small business for her.  Kailey (11), Gabriel (9) and Josiah (5) are their children.

Kathy and Earl live in Clarksville, TN.  Earl is stationed at Fort Campbell where he is commander of Echo Company 5-101.  Kathy home-schools the kids, Hannah (15), Brianna (11), and Isaiah (7).   The disease, polymyositis, that Kathy has is in remission and we are grateful.

Dad and Mom James reside in Winter Haven, FL.  Dad is 87; Mom is 91.   We are grateful for the reasonably good health they are enjoying for their ages.  They keep up with family and friends through the Internet and are vitally interested in the lives of their three boys and families.

The last time that most of us were together for a picture was last Christmas.  Since many of you in the northeast know little of our family, I thought I’d dust this picture off and send it on to you.  We have added Earl, who was in Afghanistan at the time and Dana, who had not yet joined the family when the picture was taken.


Pastor Paul & Susan

Back Row: David, Hannah, Kathy, Kailey, Beth, Pete
Front Row:  Peyton, Susan, Kylar (Susan’s lap), Paul, Isaiah (Paul’s lap), Brianna, Gabriel, Josiah
Earl Morris
Earl Morris
David & Dana James

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