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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trunk & Treat 2012

Many of our churches use the Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat Event as a way to increase visitor flow to their campuses.  Here are a few of the reports and photos that have come in.  It's truly exciting to watch the churches be proactive in reaching out to their communities.

Colton - Gave out candy, hot dogs, and hot chocolate and had a fire truck visit, a fire in the pit, a bicycle give-away and a baby goat.  It was very successful.  They prepared for 125 and ran out of candy.  Names used for the bike raffle will be used to contact the families to invite them to Sunday School, church and Vacation Bible School.

West Chazy -Held a Fall Fun Fest.

Vantage Pointe - Held their very first Trunk or Treat event this year at a local venue, to which 800 people came.  Now comes the work of following up and the hope that many of them will become assimilated into the church life of VPC!  They charged $1/person admission that was donated to benefit WARM THE CHILDREN, a regional drive that provides new winter clothing for the children of needy families.

Lakeside Regional (formerly Hague) - Underestimated the outreach of their event by half.  They hosted the event on their new Ticonderoga campus, handing out 500 bags of candy and an invitation to a December event (1000 kids came).

Turnpike - Hosted a Trunk-n-Treat event and had around 170 come by.  They had activities and refreshments, but the main attraction were the hayrides.

Shokan - Had a Trunk or Treat for the first time this year and approximately 70 people came.

Cadyville - Had over 150 in attendance at their fall event.

Hadley-Luzerne - Hosted their very first Trunk or Treat outreach right on their church property.  They had 17 vehicles with trunks open participate.  They think they reached about 120 kids and their parents, and many of the children were not already connected there.  They creatively got names and addresses by handing out a card that served as a voting ballot for voting for their favorite trunk.  They already have ideas for how to make it even better for next year.

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