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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Out of the Dark

I know that many of you tell me that you pray for my travels.  Understanding the amount of miles I drive, I've heard you say that you pray often for my safety, and I'm sure that I don't thank you enough. 

Last night as I headed home, driving north on I-87, at about mile marker 16 a large truck or SUV driving without lights past me at a high rate of speed.  It narrowly missed me.  As I watched it disappear, I glanced in my rear view mirror to see the lights of a Highway Patrol car rapidly approaching, and behind that, other flashing lights.  I counted them as they went by.  Eleven Highway Patrol cars, one right after the other, traveling at well over 100 mph. 

At approximately mile marker 34, it looked like Time Square on Christmas Eve.  A small army of Highway Patrol cars, each with his own cruiser fully lighted, blocked several lanes of traffic.  In the median, among the trees, the truck rested, wheels up.  I haven't yet discovered what would cause such irrational behavior, but was reminded once again that on the highway, it is often a matter of inches that makes a difference in one's future, and so I want to say thanks for your prayers.

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