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Monday, April 9, 2012

Awesome Weekend for ENYNE

During the past few months in Success University, we've been talking about making Easter 2012 one of the outstanding weekends in the history of our district. This morning, I can tell you that the ENYNE team accomplished just that.  Our goal was 4,000 people in our churches for Easter Sunday.  With 42 of 43 churches reporting, our attendance was 4,120.  In addition, there were scores of salvations reported, individuals baptized, hundreds of first-time guests, and outstanding services blessed by the presence of God.  To each of you who worked hard and thought outside of the box to make this a very special day, I say, 'Thank you'.  I'm proud of you, proud of your efforts and proud of the results.

This weekend was the official launch date of our Vantage Pointe Church in Queensbury.  The past few months they have been preparing for this weekend.  On Saturday, they hosted a community Easter egg hunt in a large athletic dome.  While it's hard for us to get accurate numbers, we know that over 420 cars were parked on the property.  If we average four per car (and many had kids from wall to wall in the cars and vans), we know we must have been in the 1500-range.  Cars were lined down the highway and some had to even be turned away.  TV coverage was there and most of all we were able to share the news that a new church was being launched in Queensbury.

Sunday, 154 people were present for the launch service with at least 24 families that were first-time guests.  Pastor Brown and his launch team are to be commended.  Also I'd like to thank each one of you across the district who have prayed for this fledgling church.  As I write, the Vantage Point Church is hard at work following up on their guests.  Click on the pic below to visit their Facebook page to see more photos.

I'd also like to share with you the Easter weekend attendances for our other churches.  To give some perspective on how successful our Sunday really was, I will compare Easter Sunday attendance totals to the average Sunday Morning Worship Services from the 2010-2011 fiscal year.  And, I'm writing this to encourage you and to emphasize that, as a team, we are much stronger than any one of us is individually.

Last year Bakers Mills averaged 50.  Yesterday, 92 people attended the Easter service.  On Saturday, 72 children were present at their egg hunt.  With parents included, over 150 joined in the picnic and other spring festivities the church had planned.

Brandon Center had 45 at a Good Friday Service.  Coming off an average of 43 for the 2010-2011 church year, they had 72 for Easter Service. 

Brant Lake averaged 28 last year and  had 42 at their Easter Service.  Approximately one-third of these were children.

Brookdale averaged 15 last year and had 24 in their Easter Service.  Five were first-time guests.

Cadyville averaged 71 last year and had 131 in their Easter Service.

Fusion Community (formerly Cobleskill) averaged 222 last year and had 382 on Easter.

Colton averaged 30 last year and had 90 on Easter with six salvations.  God has opened the door for them to begin a chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association, and they are using this open door to reach deep into their community.  Read all about it in the Watertown Daily Times.

Cooks Corners had an average attendance of 51 last year,  and on Easter Sunday they had 83.

Corinth averaged 35 last year and had 57 on Easter with one salvation.

Cornerstone average 77 last year and had 110 in attendance on Easter Sunday.

CrossPointe averaged 62 last year, but had 115 on Easter with three salvations and 20 first-time guests.

East Pitcairn averaged 31 last year and had 35 on Easter.  They are positioned to baptize several next week.

Ellenburg Depot averaged 35 last year and had 41 on Easter.

Ellington averaged 53 last year and they had 54 on Easter.

First (Malone) averaged 47 last year and had 111 on Easter, with four salvations.

Forest Dale averaged 39 last year and had 51 on Easter, with three salvations and seven first-time guests.

Gloversville averaged 41 last year and had 72 on Easter with two salvations.

Hadley-Luzerne averaged 121 last year.  Beginning on Friday evening, they had a sold-out Dessert Theatre, which they also offered twice on Sunday.  They figure that they reached 295 different people over the weekend.

Coming off an average of 109 for last year, Hague had 146 in attendance on Easter with  two salvations.

Hartford averaged 42 last year and had 123 in attendance on Sunday.

Kingsbury averaged 38 last year and had 52 for Easter Sunday with  four salvations.

Lisbon averaged 84 last year and had 125 on Easter.

Living Hope averaged 22 last year and had 35 on Easter.

Long Lake averaged 57 last year and had 40 on Easter.

Macomb averaged 35 last year and had 55 on Easter Sunday.  Over the course of the weekend, they ministered to 66 different people.

Mooers averaged 99 last year and had 134 in attendance on Sunday.

Morley averaged 29 last year and had 74 in attendance on Sunday.

Niskayuna averaged 94 last year and had 125 on Easter with one salvation.  They had 290 different people total attendance for their weekend activities, and this included 62 brand new individuals.

Norfolk averaged 65 last year and had 94 on Sunday with two salvations and five baptisms.

Furnace Brook (formerly North Chittenden) averaged 59 last year and had 65 in Easter Services.

Ogdensburg averaged 35 last year and had 79 in attendance on Easter.  They also had a children's egg hunt on Saturday with 40 children in attendance.

Phoenicia averaged 12 last year and had 15 on Easter.

Southside averaged 56 last year and had 76 on Easter.

Springfield averaged 61 last year and had 85 on Easter.

Turning Point averaged 36 last year and had 75 on Easter.

Turnkpike averaged 148 last year and had 203 on Easter with one salvation.   Their total attendance for all weekend activities is 321.

Waterford averaged 104 last year and had 198 on Easter with 3 salvations and many, many visitors.

Wells averaged 21 last year and had 71 in attendance on Easter with two salvations.

Wesleyan Community averaged 75 last year and had 191 on Easter.

West Chazy Community averaged 36 last year and had 40 on Easter.

Willow averaged 9 last year and had 8 on Easter.

Again, this represents 42 churches reporting 4,120 in Easter Sunday Morning attendance, with about 34 salvations and multitudes of guests and friends in attendance.

As I dictate this to Cam, I am pumped (to use a phrase I heard yesterday from one of the pastors)!  Seeing God at work in the lives of our churches is truly satisfying.  I remind you that one of the tag lines we use is Unleashing a Team of Energized Leaders to Multiply Life-Changing and Community-Impacting Churches.

I'm going to sign off now so that Cam can get this polished for you.  If you have photos of your weekend events that you'd like to send to the office, we would be glad to link them from our Facebook page to your website.

God Bless!

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