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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter Fun

 A week ago today, 45 of our pastors, spouses, children, grandchildren and staff members spent half a day together tubing.  A good time was had by all!  This ENYNE Winter Party took the place of the zone Christmas parties.  Many pastors had indicated that December was such a hectic month that they would rather do something different, and so we decided to have the winter party.  There wasn’t much snow around the area, but the ski center had made snow and it was perfect.  The time flew by quickly, as we visited, ate, and went tubing. 

Here is what a couple of people said in emails to me this week that seems to reflect the great mood I sensed that day…

Feeling old, worn out with a sore back, what would you do?  Go tubing with a bunch of pastors and their families?  Most would say NO WAY!  But that is just what I did today.  What a surprising time of fun and fellowship.  John and I would not have thought of tubing as an activity to do together.  Now we will definitely look forward to doing it again. 
Pastor Paul and Susan, thank you for organizing this fun day.  Who would have thought that going down a hill on a tube would be a good cure for a sore back.  John and I are glad that we were able to attend today’s activity.
Diane Gillette

Pastor Paul,
I wanted to thank you for thinking outside the box for what used to be our Christmas gathering. The snow tubing and pizza day was excellent for many reasons. First, it was not in December when a pastor's family schedule is beyond booked! It was also a much more informal and relaxed time than our standard Christmas parties. Snow tubing together gave us opportunities to play and get to know one another better and each others families.
This different type of event went a long way in deepening relationships and building our team.
Thanks again for providing a great day and great memories.
Paul, Pam and "the Kids", and don't forget Jake!

Thanks to all of you who were able to come.  And hopefully, next year, our tribe will increase (and maybe we’ll have a real winter to celebrate)!

Andrew Fetter created a Vimeo video of some of the fun.  View it by clicking here...

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