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Thursday, February 9, 2012

District Transformation Update

Our church at Cobleskill, now the Fusion Community Church, went mobile on January 22, 2012.  By 'mobile', I mean that they left their small inadequate building and began meeting in the auditorium of the Cobleskill-Richmondville High School.  On launch day, 324 people gathered, an increase of 50%.  Since then attendance has stayed in that area, 21 people have prayed to receive Christ, and visitors are coming in record numbers.

In the midst of this awesome outpouring of God's Spirit, some in the community, including some members of the school board and press have expressed opposition to a church meeting in the local school.  On February 13, at a school board meeting, the matter will be discussed.  The pastor, Andrew Fetter, and leaders of Fusion, are calling their church to prayer and fasting during this weekend.  In a letter to his people, Pastor Fetter wrote...

Hey Fusion Community Church family,

This Monday night starting at 6:00 pm we will be opening the doors of the church building on Legion Drive for a time of worship and prayer.  The purpose of this time is to be engaging in spiritual battle against the enemy precisely during the time when a decision will be made about whether or not we can continue to use the High School on Sundays to reach people with the gospel.

I share this not to worry anyone.  I am very optimistic and hopeful that we will be allowed to continue on, but I also feel that this is a moment where we as a church can rise up together with one voice and passionately ask God to intervene and continue to pour out His blessing.

There is a Cobleskill-Richmondville School Board Meeting scheduled for Monday night at 7:00pm and I do not know what your intentions might have been for Monday night, but I am humbly asking you, as your Pastor, and as a part of Fusion Community Church, to join me at the church starting at 6:00 for this time of worship and prayer.  Please do not attend the school board meeting as great as your intentions might be! Make no mistake about it, you are needed more at the church building on Legion Drive to pray and you will be more useful there than you would to be present or speak at the school board meeting.

Leaders from the church will be meeting for prayer at the church building and then removing themselves to attend the board meeting because I will be reading one unified statement that we have drafted under the direction of the Holy Spirit to present. 

Pastor Tim and other leaders will remain at the church building facilitating a time of continued prayer and worship after our departure for the board meeting.

Whatever you might have planned to do on Monday night, I ask you to change those plans and lets lock arms together so that God's Will would be desired and His renown would be spread all throughout this county and beyond.

For those who are serious about spiritual disciplines, I also invite you to fast with me either over the weekend and/or on Monday in anticipation of this decision.

Remember... we battle not against flesh and blood... our enemy IS NOT a group of human beings... but against spiritual powers of darkness that seek to steal, kill, and destroy what God is right in the middle of doing! Together lets press back against God's enemy knowing that we have read the end of the Bible and we know that Satan loses!!

Just One More At Any Cost!

This blog and and the district email distribution list goes out to hundreds of individuals who care greatly about the Kingdom and Kingdom building.  Would you join our people at Fusion Community in prayer regarding this issue.  A note to the pastor that you intend to stand with them would be very encouraging.  His email is  Also, to learn more about the ministry of Fusion Community, visit their 

Another church, Vantage Pointe, in Queensbury/Glens Falls, is nearing their Re-Launch.  The closer we get to the Preview Services, Saturdays, February 18 and March 3 and the Launch Date, Easter Sunday, April 8, the more we sense opposition from the evil one.

Pastor Dean has experienced an eye infection and a reaction to a drug that put him in the hospital overnight.  His grandmother that he cares for was placed in a nursing home and his son-in-law was detained at the Canadian border and can't rejoin his family here in the states until certain paperwork is completed.  Families in the launch group have also come under Satan's attack.

This rugged band of pioneers also need your prayers.  They believe, and I concur, that with these types of distractions and opposition, something wonderful is about to happen.  When Nehemiah said, Let us rise up and build, Satan said, Let us rise up and oppress.  And as Nehemiah and the people of Jerusalem responded so long ago by working harder and believing more, Pastor Brown and his people have a mind to work.

Two of the Preview Services have been scheduled on Saturdays (February 18 and March 3) so that people from our area can attend and I urge them to do so.

Part of the preparation for the Easter launch includes new chairs for the worship center.  You would greatly encourage this fledgling church by purchasing one or more of these by donating through the Paypal option on Vantage Pointe's  Each chair costs about $33.  From the website, click page 3 of the rotating banner and then click the 'Donate' button, or follow this link to see the promotional video and also to donate.  If you prefer, you can send a check to Vantage Pointe Church, 543 Ridge Rd., Queensbury, NY  12804 with the notation 'Buy-a-Chair Campaign'.

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