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Monday, November 22, 2010

Memo Regarding District Transformation Project

This may be the most important communication that you have ever received from me and I want you to feel free to pass it on to as many of your own contacts as you think may be interested.

After two years of assessing the strengths, weaknesses and direction of our district, it has become increasingly clear to the leadership team and to me that we must take unusual measures to focus the district on task and see transformation in our churches. Far too many of them are inward focused. To reach our communities for Christ, it is going to take significant change in the way we do church.

About six months ago, I read a book, Assaulting the Gates, by Dr. Paul Borden. In it, he tells the story of an association of churches that was transformed by employing a system designed to help churches transform themselves. I was moved. What I read was exactly what I had come to believe in my 39 years of ministry.

I picked up the phone and called Dr. Borden. Miraculously I got through and we had a great conversation. I heard a whisper in my spirit—“Ask him to be your coach.” And so I asked and he agreed.

Over the next few months we talked occasionally. I shared my passion for reaching the Northeast for Christ. He shared the methods that he had developed and then one day, as we were talking, he said, “I would like to give you and your leaders a day of my time to go over what we have learned.”

I had a scheduled a DBA/Leadership Retreat for September and I arranged for him to spend the day with us. For seven hours he shared what God had done in many of the 500 churches with which he had consulted over the years. At the end of the meeting he made a proposal regarding helping our district in turn around strategies.

After he had gone to catch his plane, I asked the team, “What do you think?” Down to the person, they answered, ”There is no way that we can let this opportunity pass. This is a ‘God-Thing’. We must walk through the door that He has opened.”

We have contracted with Dr. Borden to consult, train, and coach with our district in 2011. He will be with us a total of 40 days. During this time, eight churches will go through this transformation process. Other churches will be prepared to be a part of the DTP process for 2012.

The first eight churches have been selected. They will soon have the opportunity to decide if they want to participate. They are…

Ridge Road
Turning Point (formerly Fort Miller)

As the district starts this process, the first order of business is to build a team of prayer warriors. Much is riding on this experiment. Our district desperately needs to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in our churches. Business-as-usual is only leading down the trail to death. In addition, the leaders of our national church are watching. The results here could impact other districts around the country.

Will you join the Prayer Team? Will you partner with us and regularly pray for me, the district leaders, the pastors and churches that will lead the way, Dr. Borden, and those who will help him? If so, please post a message or email me. Write me a note pledging your support and your desire to be part of the team. I will pledge to those that respond that prayer requests and reports of what is happening in our turn-around churches will be sent regularly from this office.

No longer will we be satisfied to be an island of disease, but rather we choose to become an island of health.