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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's the Journey That's Important

One year ago, I challenged ENY-NE pastors and leaders to climb Mt. Washington with me. That goal was accomplished on August 27. At 2:45 p.m. the last climber (me) of the thirteen reached the summit of the highest, toughest, most dangerous summit in the northeast!

As with any project, the year was full of planning, execution and set backs. My to-do list was filled with items such as

Research climbing Mt. Washington
Make a list of gear to be purchased
Get in shape—joint the ‘Y’

Following notes said— Get a nice pair of hiking boots
No cotton – get rid of jeans
Wool socks
A nice outdoor backpack
Rain gear

Along the way, experienced hikers from Hague stepped up beside me. They emphasized rigorous training. My list expanded…

Climb Hadley Hill
Climb Treadway Mt.
Climb Noonmark Mt.
Climb Giant Mt.

One by one these items were crossed off my list!

Ignore critics
Ignore naysayers
Ignore negative comments
Focus on the positive
Focus a completion of the task

Along the way, I had a bad fall on Giant Mt. Big, ugly bruises and soreness covered my body.

Ignore injury; keep going.

As I stood on top of the mountain I was reminded of why I do things like this. I attempt difficult things because of what I become in the process. And I do difficult things because of the fulfillment in taking others with me.

As we reached the summit, one of my fellow climbers, who had never attempted anything this high before, looked at me and said – what’s next?

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