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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sale Completed


Just a few minutes ago, the district lawyer and the lawyer for the West Chazy Holiness Camp Association were here at the District Center. In just a short period of time, we were able to sign papers completing the sale of the West Chazy Camp.

As you know, this was one of my 100-day goals, which got pushed back a little bit, but I am grateful that it has now been completed. As one of the Association members said to me recently, “There’s been much healing going on throughout the district." My prayer is that it will continue--that the Camp Association will be able to minister in a way they feel called and that the district will be able to plant healthy, reproducing, soul-winning churches throughout the northeast. May God bless us all.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miracle In My Family Room

Good morning!

Soon after arriving in ENY-NE District, Susan’s dad came to live with us. It was apparent that, at 81, he was failing. Had God brought us to this part of the country ‘for such a time as this’? we asked.

As Susan and I settled into the role of caregivers we believed that God was at work—opening and closing doors, bringing helpers and advisors into our lives to help us know how to better help Mr. Cooke physically. Also, we were asking God to show us the way to introduce Mr. Cooke to the God we love and serve. For over 40 years Susan had prayed for her dad to know Christ.

Last night, after I got comfortable in my big, black, soft robe, I joined Mr. Cooke in the TV room where many evenings we watch Andy Griffith, Hogan’s Heroes, or a basketball game.

Last night after Pitt beat UConn and Texas A&M was beating Texas, I pushed the mute on the TV and engaged my father-in-law in conversation. Slowly we worked our way into spiritual matters and when I asked if he would like to pray the sinner’s prayer with me, he replied that he would. Sometime between 10:00 and 10:30 p.m. on February 16, the angels had a party. Paul C. Cooke, Jr., at the age of 81, invited Christ into his life. I was there! I heard the prayer! I saw the glint of tears in his eyes! I felt God at work!

Susan then took my place beside him, and father and daughter hugged and cried. For 43 years, Susan had prayed for this day to arrive. I can only imagine how she felt as she witnessed a ‘God thing’ in our family room.

Monday, February 9, 2009


For years I have been a proponent of a balanced life. Much of my personal growth has revolved around The Wheel of Life, where spokes represent the major areas of one’s life.

1. Spiritual and Ethical
2. Family and Home
3. Mental and Educational
4. Physical and Health
5. Financial
6. Social and Cultural
7. Professional and Ministry

I have goals in each area and work diligently to keep life in balance. However, this last season of life has left me very “out of round”.

Interviews, votes, moves, remodeling, illnesses, travel, and major transitions drove all clarity from my life plan and left me wondering if I would ever feel “normal” again. Last week, something clicked and my internal compass gave me hope that balance was once again attainable. What contributed to the change of emotion?

1) The sun is shining a little longer
2) Temperatures have moderated
3) New York tags on my personal car
4) Registered to vote in NY
5) New York driver’s license (lovely picture)
6) I took one whole day off!
7) I got a library card
8) I walked two miles (in the mall)

Just these simple things were huge in getting me back on course.

For years, Friday has been my day off. It was my Sabbath—a day I looked forward to—a day to date my wife and have R&R. For the past months I have violated my Sabbath, allowing stuff to creep in. And I didn’t feel good about always being on call. So this blog is to let you know that on Fridays the office will be closed, and I will be recharging my batteries.

I will need you to hold me accountable. Having a job with a never-ending ‘to-do’ list and having the office in my home, lends itself to workaholism. But with your help and support, we will live the balanced life.