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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Divine Appointments

The phone rang! Would I have time to talk to a couple that was experiencing marriage problems? I had spoken in their church a couple of months ago (the church did not have a pastor and they felt a connection to me). If I could do this they would appreciate it. That was the gist of the conversion.

Last Sunday evening I met them in Albany. It was my first trip to the Crossgate Mall; it was not my first trip to Ruby Tuesdays (Susan loves their salad bar). For a couple of hours I listened and shared with a delightful couple. At the end, he bowed his head and prayed the ‘sinner’s prayer’. She is close to the Kingdom. I expect a victory call from her any day.

An appointment was set! Susan and I needed someone to help with her dad on occasion, to relieve her so that she could do errands and get out of the house. Some months ago, I had advertised for an executive assistant. Lots of resumes were mailed in. I interviewed three. One of the three was well versed in elder care and dementia. I didn’t hire her for the office but miraculously had made a contact for what was on the horizon. Since then, Kim and her friend, Kim, have decided to start a business that takes care of elderly in their homes. The business has a cute name—There Is No Place Like Home. Now that we needed advice and help, Kim & Kim were coming for a visit. Kim #1 couldn’t come because her son was sick, but Kim #2 arrived.

“I used to attend the Wesleyan Church,” she said as we talked. I sensed this was another divine appointment. Life had happened to Kim, leaving her hurt and questioning. She was eager to share and told me of her years of involvement and service in our local church.

“You would like to reconnect with God, wouldn’t you?” I asked. She was ready, God was ready, and in my office they got back together.

The rest of the interview went well. Susan and I have reinforcements for our challenges. Kim has reinforcements for her challenges.

God moments! Divine appointments! I love them!

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