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Monday, November 17, 2008

100-Day Goals - Part Three


Fifty-eight days have now passed since our Southwest flight belched us out on your shores. I’ve kept you abreast of my 100-day goals. Here is a new update!

X 1. Move into the District Center. We are now officially in. Most of the boxes have been emptied. Major pieces of furniture are in place; however, the accent pieces and pictures still haven’t found their new home. Experience tells me that we have several more weeks (or months) of “let’s try this over here “ or “no, let’s put it back where it was”. I move each piece joyfully, taking the opportunity to bless the helpmate that God has given me. :)
X 2. I am enjoying my new office. It’s bright, cheerful, and full of the books that have helped shape my life. When a few more filing cabinets and the electric fireplace arrive, all will be complete. Then I will be ready to hibernate through these cold, snowy days and long dark evenings that you keep telling me about. Am I mistaken, or is it getting dark in the middle of the day now?
X 3. I have hired Cam Engert as my executive assistant. She is the wife of Dick Engert, pastor of the Corinth Wesleyan Church. The Engerts are the parents of three sons and have been in ministry for 26 years. Cam started on Nov. 3 and has already been a blessing to me and others in the district. She will be in the office from 9am to 2pm Monday thru Thursday. Usually someone will be here from 2pm to 4pm (Susan or me) to answer the phones and serve you. Fridays have traditionally been my day off. I hope to continue that practice once I get through the first 100 days.
X 4. We had a great minister’s and spouse’s retreat at Schroon Lake. Reports and feedback indicate that healing and teambuilding took place. I came away with a better understanding of the ENY/NE District and a greater appreciation for my co-workers. Truly, God is “unleashing a team of energized leaders to multiply life-changing churches”.
X 5. Zone Christmas parties are now scheduled:
Ø Central Zone – December 11
Ø Champlain Zone – December 1
Ø New England Zone – December 6
Ø Southern Zone – Pending
Ø St. Lawrence Zone – Pending
/ 6. & 7. Visiting the churches. Now that the minister’s retreat and DBA retreat are over, I can concentrate more on seeing churches/parsonages and getting-acquainted times with our pastors and their families. As of now, I have gotten to half of the churches (notice the half checkmark).
X 8. DBA Retreat. The DBA spent last Friday evening and Saturday at the Queensbury Hotel in a strategic planning retreat. Our hearts were challenged as we began to visualize what “God is putting into our hearts” for the Eastern New York/New England District. One member of the DBA who has been in the district his entire life told me later that this weekend was, for him, the high-water mark of district activities and that he was thrilled to be a part of the direction God is leading us.
/ 9. Closing on the sale of the West Chazy Bible Camp. On October 21, our attorney, Patricia, called. She indicated that she had just witnessed a miracle. As most of you know, the “Attorney General’s office and the State Supreme Court have to approve the sale of property by non-profit organizations in New York. This ensures that trustees and board members are doing what is best for their organization. Usually the paperwork takes at least two
months to be approved. Patricia said that when she dropped off the paperwork, the judge said, “Go eat lunch, and come back.” The paperwork was completed in an hour! We are waiting for closing and have been for over three weeks. Amazing!
10. Pastoral Searches. I am still working with Cobleskill, Huevelton, Brookdale, and Ft. Miller, as they search for a pastor. This may be the most elusive of the ten goals to accomplish. However, we are eager to find and get to know the leaders that God has for these communities of Believers.

There you have it. The 100-day goals and where we stand. Thanks for holding me accountable and for helping me when you can in my quest to have a productive first 100 days.

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