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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Minister's Retreat 2008

We just came off  a 30-hour retreat with my team of 80 leaders.  I shared with them the principle of The Law of the Take-away and here are some of their responses to the questions I left with them:

1. As you go from the retreat, what will you be thinking about?

"What a great gathering and what a great DS.  I feel like we have been drawn closer together as a district than we have in years."

"I will be thinking about how fulfilling this time was."

"How I can reach the souls of my youth in our local schools."

"Loving, serving and giving with all my heart.  I will be thinking bigger and how glad and fulfilled I feel."


"The potential that is ours to touch New York and New England with the message of Jesus Christ"

2. What has God spoken to you about?

"Strengthening of team-building"
"A stronger focus on the purpose of ministry"
"Aspiring to go higher than I've been before - keeping thrilled about Jesus!"
"Time away to re-group"
"I can change and grow and become a better leader"

3. What did you learn?

"There is a place for everyone to serve"
"We need a new vision and set of goals"
"It's His kingdom - I'm an ambassador willing, ready and excited"
"God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things"
"The value and spiritual power associated with a great leader following his dream and inviting others to go with him to see it fulfilled"

4. What are you excited about?

"There are better days to come"
"The future"
"Where our team is heading"
"I'll never be the same.  The souls that are going to be won and all the new churches and pastors God is going to raise up"
"All the tools that you have given us that will help us take our churches and district to a new health level"
"New churches, new leaders, and new faces in our churches"

What did you take away from our time together at the retreat?  Let me know!

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