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Thursday, October 23, 2008

First 100 Days - Part 2

It has been two weeks since our last communication. In the spirit of accountability I thought I should bring you up to date on the list of 100 day goals that I shared earlier:

1) Move into the District Center. The workmen are 90% finished. In fact, they anticipate everything being completed this week. However, with the ordination service and the minister’s retreat just ahead, I think we will wait to move in on October 23rd.

As most of you have experienced in periods of transition, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. And this transition has been no different. As you remember, we moved into two rooms on the lower level of the “district center” where we are camping until we officially move in. One day after Susan left for Indiana to be with our daughter who was due with our eighth grandchild, the furnace went out. Chelsea, our dog and I, warmed ourselves by the two electric heaters that were graciously made available to us. And yes, it was during the cold snap. One morning as I showered I felt “things” backing up around my ankles and stuff between my toes. You guessed it. The sewer picked this moment to back up. I was grateful that Susan was away for this.

However, the furnace is now fixed and we are toasty warm. The sewer is now fixed and all is well – but I do want to thank Dick Osborne! While I was away on a long day, Dick went beyond the call of duty by cleaning up a royal mess in the downstairs bath. Dick, it wasn’t expected but was greatly appreciated!

2. My books are unpacked and the office is 90% set up. It should be completed as soon as a couple of files arrive!

3. We are accepting resumes for an executive assistant to work alongside me in the office.

4. Approximately 80 are registered for the minister’s retreat. I am looking forward to these two days with my team. Our formal and informal times together will set the tone for our year together. This is an “all hands on deck” event and all team members should be present.

5. Zone chairman should be scheduling the zone Christmas Parties with my office. This is assuming that you wish for me to show up!

6. I have seen 20 churches and parsonages so far…

7. Little by little I’m sitting down with pastor’s and spouses to get acquainted. I’ll schedule more of these times while at the district retreat next week.

8. An overnight DBA Retreat is set for November 7-8, 2008.

9. The sale of the camp moves forward as lawyers work to get proposals to the Attorney General’s office and the Supreme Court.

10. I appointed Dick Engert as interim pastor at Corinth, Paul Dettmer to Colton, and Jonathan Hunter to West Chazy. I am working with Cobleskill, Brookdale, Heuvelton, and Fort Miller in their pastoral searches.

Susan is now home and we have a new grandson – Josiah Michael!

Don’t forget the Ordination Service this Sunday evening for Gloria Strong at the Lisbon Wesleyan Church. Dr. Thomas Armiger will be the speaker and the meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Be praying for our District Youth Camp this weekend – beginning on Friday evening.

All in all a very eventful two weeks,

Pastor Paul

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